The passion and sixteen years of practice in creating footwear allowed me to create Silence - a brand that gives you the right choice.

Silence is an art workshop for conscious customers - those who value the work of human hands, sensitivity to the planet and the materials it gives us. It is here that bags and footwear are made, made by polish craftsmen using the best materials to ensure the highest quality and comfort. All these things are an alternative to mass production. Silence is a brand far from creating in a standard way.

For the production of most of our shoes and bags, we use recycled Italian leather, bought from closed companies and those pieces that have not been included in the current collections in some mass production. This makes all the shoes unique and the brand runs sustainable production. We approach used materials ethically and with due respect. We believe in the awareness of our consumers and the fact that a beautiful object is not enough for them, they care for a product that does not leave a negative footprint on the environment.


I create shoes not only for special orders of clothing designers for their shows, but also for individual clients. In addition to the products offered, I take personalized orders. I combine my beloved craftsmanship with the magic of your ideas about color, form and texture. If you dream about unique shoes and bags - please contact me. Several pairs of hands work on each pair of shoes - it's dedication and commitment, care for your comfort and satisfaction that build the overall quality. Let each of your choices be well thought out.