Black shoes - patent leather with texture



Size Guide

Women's footwear - the length of the foot
35 - 23 cm
36 - 23,5 cm
37 - 24 cm
38 - 24,5 cm
39 - 25 cm
40 - 25,5 cm
41 - 26 cm
42 - 26,5 cm

Before ordering hand-made footwear, I encourage you to read the size guide for the Silence footwear. Size chart will allow you to make the right choice of your dream footwear. Measure your feet and then compare the values ​​with the sizes given on the website. Every detail is of great importance - I care about creating the perfect product that will guarantee beautiful appearance and comfort for a long time. Remember that the right size of shoes affects both comfort and well-being!


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Patent leather

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